Glasgow: Name Skinner Park after Black Stalin


Local promoter Randy Glasgow has suggested that Skinner Park in San Fernando be renamed to honor iconic Calypsonian Black Stalin.

It comes in the wake of statements made by the city’s Mayor recently, where he said if he had his way, the auditorium of the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts would have been named after Black Stalin, not Sundar Popo.

The statement caused an uproar from some citizens.

However, Mr. Glasgow says Skinner Park is also a cultural hub, and the calypsonian lives close to the venue as well, making it more good reasons to name it after him.

The promoter posted on Facebook his suggestion to the Mayor that the park itself or the pavilion that is currently being renovated at the facility should be named after Dr. Leroy Calliste.

The suggestion was met with agreement by online users.