Connections: concert series organized to celebrate T&T, India Independence


What started as a simple concert series has now morphed into a cultural exchange to celebrate the Independence Anniversaries of T&T and India.

Titled “Connections”, this initiative will feature the talents of singers Neval Chatelal, Savita Singh, Terry Gajraj and Roger George, as well as pannist Johann Chuckaree.

It’s being spearheaded by Soca On The Seas organizer, Ansura Vacations, in collaboration with T&T’s High Commissioner to India, Dr. Roger Gopaul, and the Government of India.

One of the main architects of “Connections” is Mr. Chatelal, who says the idea was initially a private concert event in India.

An invitation was extended to the High Commissioner who suggested a more formal event, leading to a scaled up show that that is now free to the public.

Set as a joint celebration of India’s 75th and T&T’s 60th Independence Anniversaries, the series begins in New Delhi on September 2nd, before moving to Agra and Jaipur, completing what is known as the Golden Triangle.

The 4th and final show will take place in Dubai, dubbed the City of Gold.

Mr. Chatelal sees this as an opportunity not just to fly Trinidad and Tobago’s flag and showcase its diverse musical heritage, but also to “explore, demonstrate and reinforce the connection that we have with our ancestry”.

He also wants to highlight the best of T&T: “We want to show them that we have a unique melting pot of cultures, races, religions and we could definitely show the world how to live together.”

Given the show’s evolution, organizers are hoping to up the ante in terms of its production value.

Efforts are now being made to raise funding to have additional musicians and technical staff join “Connections”.

As stated previously, this event was initially set to be a private concert series that formed part of a cultural tour being organized by Ansura Vacations.

While the concert series has now evolved, the tour accompanying it remains open for bookings.

Dubbed “Epic India 2022”, persons will enjoy the concert series as well as a comprehensive vacation experience.

103.1FM News chatted with Juliana Fermin of Ansura Vacations, who says the travel package includes flights, ground transfers, taxes, accommodation, and daily tours, among other things.

For full package details, visit the Ansura Vacations website: Ansura Vacations: Epic India

But, for Ms Fermin, it is more than a vacation package.

Having done Soca On The Seas previously as well, she believes events like these are helping to take Trinbago and Caribbean culture to new places.

And for her, the possibilities are endless, with plans in the future for trips to Singapore and South Africa.

Turning back to “Connections”, Ms Fermin is pleased with how the show has evolved and what it now celebrates.

She is also prepared to facilitate contributions that persons may want to make as it relates to the goal of including additional musicians.

She emphasizes that all contributions will go directly toward the concert series, with no profit to be made in this regard.

Those wishing to contribute can get more information via:

  • WhatsApp: 1-424-420-3446
  • Email: