Central Perk Coffee and Tea released to celebrate Friends 25th anniversary


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘Friends’ you can now buy Central Perk coffee!

American coffee chain ‘The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ has teamed up with Warner Bros. on a range of coffee and tea to make at home: the Central Perk Medium Roast, the Central Perk Dark Roast, and the Central Perk Tea (All items have been sold out online, but will be available in stores from July 31st).

Plus, there are six limited-edition drinks available in store—one per Friend.

The Chandler: A caramel coconut latte.
The Joey: A mango cold brew tea.
The Monica: A midnight mocha cold brew.
The Phoebe: A cookies and cream ice blended.
The Rachel: A matcha latte.
The Ross: A classic flat white (a.k.a. an espresso with foam).

The range will be available in store from July 31st to August 27th.

But during the week of August 4th, aka National Friendship Day, the themed drinks will be buy one, get one free.

The first episode of Friends was aired on September 22nd, 1994.

The coffee and tea range of products comes just one week after ‘Pottery Barn’ (which was part of ‘The One With the Apothecary Table’ episode) release a Friends-inspired collection to celebrate the anniversary.

Those 12 items will hit stores and online on July 30th.

And just several days ago, etsy user ‘Well5Krafts’ introduced Friends Inspired Starbucks Coffee Tumblers which is totally customizable.

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. teamed up with coffee brand ‘Eight O’Clock Coffee’ to open a Central Perk pop-up shop in New York City to celebrate 20th anniversary of Friends.

***Could we *BE* more excited***