Bollywood song criticized as being racist


A song titled “Beyoncé Sharma Jayegi” from an upcoming Bollywood movie has sparked online outrage for its lyrics.

The song, featuring Indian actors Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khatter, has lyrics that say, “Oh tujhe dekh ke goriya, Beyonce sharma jayegi” – this reportedly translates to “After looking at you fair woman, Beyonce will feel shy.”

According to The Indian Express and others, the song has triggered controversy on social media, with Beyoncé fans apologizing to the American singer for what they say is the song’s racist implication.

The song’s video on YouTube, which had over four million likes as of 2PM today, has more than 391,000 dislikes and 53,000 likes.

The comment section is also filled with persons condemning the lyrics.

For years, Bollywood has been criticized for its portrayal of colourism and set-beauty standards.