“Battle of the Ramnarines” on 103FM’s Trini Styles Countdown


“The Battle of the Ramnarines”

That’s what’s going on this week on 103FM’s Trini Styles Countdown.

“O Saathi” by Varun Ramnarine retains its #1 spot, but the youngster is facing some competition from his father, Raymond Ramnarine.

Ray’s song “Khali Salam” has moved into the #2 spot, up two places from last week.

Now “Khali Salam” has been on the chart for 21 weeks now and has already hit the #1 spot.

However after some downward movement, it has begun to move back up and is again eyeing the top of the chart.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next couple of weeks, but both Ramnarines are enjoying the friendly competition.

This week’s countdown also welcomed a new song into the mix: “La Chica Sexy” by Renuka Mahabir.

Listen to the songs on our Trini Styles Countdown using the following link:

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