Abhishek Bachchan defends Bollywood remakes of South Indian films

(Photo via Abhishek Bachchan on Instagram)

Abhishek Bachchan has defended Bollywood over criticism that it remakes hit movies from the South Indian film industry.

This practice has been happening for quite some time, leading to accusations that Bollywood lacks a level of originality and creativity.

However, Abhishek believes the exchange of ideas goes both ways.

Speaking with IndianExpress.com, he reportedly said, “Are you telling me that Hindi films are not being remade in the South?”

Whichever way it goes, he believes there is nothing wrong with the practice, saying “We all are part of the Indian film industry. We might work in different languages, but we are part of the same industry. We all cater to the same audience. It is not entirely fair to label any film industry. Films in Hindi or any languages have always been remade. It is not a new phenomenon. There has always been an exchange (of content) all the time. Nothing wrong in that.”