Energy Ministry: Supply of regular gasoline discontinued

    (File photo)

    The supply of regular gasoline on the local market has been discontinued by the Energy Ministry.

    This type of fuel is widely used by fishing communities.

    The Ministry says the demand for regular gas has fluctuated between 8000 and 10,000 barrels per month, and to import this type of gas would be uneconomical given the small volumes needed.

    In addition to this it says the fuel is not a standard grade and is rarely produced by most regional refineries.

    It says following the closure of the Petrotrin refinery, the last stocks of regular gas were distributed on December 7th.

    Due to this latest development, the Ministry is informing the fishing community that super gasoline is a suitable and superior replacement, and has been used in fishing vessels without adverse impact.

    It adds that there have been no complaints by the fishing community of Tobago with respect to using super gas in their boats, where there is no supply of regular gasoline.