EMA speaks out on Curepe CEC for HDC development


    The EMA has admitted to granting a Certificate of Environmental Clearance to the HDC which wants to construct a residential development in Curepe.

    This morning, a release was sent by former Minister Vasant Bharath, claiming the organization wants to build on land known as the St. Augustine Nurseries.

    The EMA did not call the land by that name, instead stating that the “North Grove Housing Development” is due to be built on just over seven hectares of land off the Southern Main Road.

    There has been contention regarding the project, since the St. Augustine Nurseries is considered fertile agricultural land.

    The EMA says its CEC is only one component of the approval process – it says the HDC must also get approvals from Town and Country, Drainage Division, Highways Division, Commissioner of State Lands, WASA and other agencies.