EMA looking into noise levels for event at Brian Lara Stadium


    The Environmental Management Authority says a report is being prepared regarding an event at the Brian Lara Stadium.

    It adds that if the noise levels are shown to have been above the prescribed limits, action will be taken.

    The EMA issued a statement today following complaints from residents in San Fernando and environs, including the MP for San Fernando East, of excessive noise from the venue between 3am and 11am Sunday, 15th May.

    The EMA says it issued a Noise Variation for this event which stipulated the period 6am to 11am.

    It says the decibel limits specified were: 70dBA from 6am – 8am; and 80dBA from 8am – 11am.

    It adds that the EMA’s Environmental Police Unit was at the event monitoring the decibel levels and advised the Event Managers to lower the sound as it was above the prescribed levels.

    The EPU is preparing its report based on the sound levels recorded.

    The EMA says “Provided that a breach of the prescribed levels of the Noise Pollution Control Rules, 2001 is detected, the EMA will initiate enforcement action against the Event Managers”.