Ministry, TTUTA meet on the operation of schools in Term II

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    TTUTA is calling on the Education Minister and her team share their thoughts on the operation of school to allow for “meaningful consultation”.

    Both parties met yesterday to discuss the possible reopening of physical school for Term II in January 2022.

    TTUTA claims however that while there were cordial discussions, the Minister did not share any thoughts for the reopening, with the union instead highlighting some concerns that should be addressed when planning for the reopening.

    It also volunteered to be a part of a working group to produce guidelines for the reopening of school, but says this proposal was rejected by the Minister.

    Both parties have agreed to meet again next week.

    TTUTA says the Minister and her team must share their thoughts, as opposed to simply calling on TTUTA to offer comments.

    Meanwhile in its release on the meeting, the Ministry says TTUTA raised several issues and concerns with respect to the health situation in T&T, with specific reference to COVID-19, and the protocols regarding the handling of cases and sanitization at schools.

    The Ministry says it advanced clarifications on these matters and expressed that continued emphasis will be paid on supporting school personnel through the collaboration between the Education District Health Unit and the District County Medical Office of Health (CMOH).

    It also claims that TTUTA requested the draft recommendations of the Ministry with respect to the operation of schools in Term II  , upon which they would deliberate and offer comments.

    The Minsitry says this will be provided after the meeting between Ministry officials and the wider education stakeholder body on November 26th.