Education Ministry to consider recommendations regarding Terms II and III


    The Education Ministry says it will take the recommendations made by stakeholders into consideration, in order to determine the way forward for Terms II and III in the academic year 2021/2022.

    In a release, it says during a meeting on Monday, TTUTA maintained its position that students of Forms 5 and 6 only be cleared for physical attendance, specifically for the completion of practical subject elements.

    It says TTUTA also requested an opportunity to discuss the draft recommendations provided by the Ministry with the Chief Personnel Officer.

    A meeting was also held on Tuesday with other stakeholders, including Principals’ Associations, Denominational School Boards, Special Schools’ Associations, Private Schools’ Associations, the National Parent Teacher Association and TTUTA, to discuss the operations of schools for Terms II and III.

    Issues raised include, but were not limited to: the need for close supervision to ensure that students do not breach safety protocols; the reality of parents’ concerns with regard to their children’s physical school attendance, and its impact on attendance rates and teachers’ ability to deliver the curriculum; the need for standardization of COVID-19 testing, sanitization, contact tracing, quarantine and release protocols across counties; the adequate provision of school funding; school infrastructure upgrades where necessary; the need for a level of standardization to be applied to school policies and procedures, even as Principals are given flexibility to implement rotational attendance systems; and the effect of quarantine arrangements on school operations.

    The Ministry says the recommendations will be considered along with national health circumstances and the regional and global education landscape.