Education Ministry releases guidelines for the reopening of schools


    Masks for visitors, physical distancing and the possible rotation of classes are all included in the Education Ministry’s Guidelines for the Reopening of Schools.

    According to a document disseminated by the Ministry today, all visitors will be held to the “No Mask, No Entry” rule.

    Visitors must also sanitize upon entering the compound, however those displaying any flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to enter at all.

    Regarding physical distancing within the classroom, the Ministry says: “Guidelines from the Ministry of Health will determine the physical distancing requirements at the time of the reopening of school. If the guidelines do not allow for the entire school population to be present at any given time, a cycle system will be be implemented.”

    Should that be the case, it says “blended learning should be implemented so that on the days that students are home, the regular time-table can be followed.”

    The guidelines also call for an adequate supply of running water and liquid soap at all times, the availability of paper towels or hand dryers in washrooms, frequent cleaning of washrooms during the break and lunch periods and the frequent sanitation of door handles and taps with the recommended alkaline solution or alcohol.

    View the guidelines: Guidelines for the Reopening of Schools Final