Education Ministry on CSEC and CAPE issues


    Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly says she has personally spoken to CXC on the matter of the 2020 CAPE and CSEC results.

    Yesterday 103.1FM News reported on incidents of local CAPE students being “ungraded” in certain subjects, some received very low grades despite excelling in previous exams, and others received grades that did not correspond with their academic profiles.

    Similar incidents were reported elsewhere in the Caribbean, with several petitions being launched online, calling for CXC to review its results.

    In a release Minister Gadsby-Dolly says “it is causing distress, which is regrettable, especially for the students involved who are already stressed in this year of the pandemic.”

    She adds however that it is critical for queries of this nature to be dealt with through approved and well-defined channels, in order to maintain the integrity of the body that the majority of the Caribbean uses for academic certification.

    On the issue of SBA scores, the Minister pointed out that these are scored by individual class teachers, with the scores then submitted to CXC for moderation.

    As such, she says what was submitted by the school may not be the actual score recorded by CXC for the student and used to determine their overall grade.

    A statement by CXC is reportedly forthcoming.

    In the meantime, the Ministry is advising schools and individuals to follow the established procedures to make the necessary queries, and assured that it will take all the required steps to ensure that this issue is adequately addressed.

    On the matter of the petitions, she says though no institution can reasonably use that as a basis for review of all grades, it does raise awareness of the matter and indicate to CXC that this issue must be addressed.


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