Education Ministry introduces online job letter system

    (Photo credit: 103.1FM/Rai Ricomas)

    Employees of the Education Ministry, including teachers, can now apply for and collect job letters online instead of at the Ministry’s office.

    These persons can visit the Ministry’s website, use their or email to sign in and make their request for a letter which will be sent back to their email.

    According to ICT Manager at the Ministry, Cory Belfon, having the process done online will cut waiting time from 7-14 days to, on average, 1 working day.

    He says the banks are already on board with the changes.

    The security features on the document include an employee file number, a faded watermark, a unique ID, encrypted conversion to a PDF file and a time-stamped filename.

    Here’s a sample of what the job letter would look like:

    Meanwhile, TTUTA President, Lynsley Doodhai welcomes this initiative, saying it’s been a sore point for years.