EBC debunks more social media fake news


    The Elections and Boundaries Commission says it has been made aware of a post circulating on social media bearing its logo purporting that you cannot wear certain colours to go to polling stations.

    This document is false and was not issued by the EBC.

    The electorate can wear any colour on poll day but persons will not be permitted into a polling station wearing the emblems or logos of political parties or with the words “VOTE FOR” on their articles of clothing.

    Meanwhile, in another media statement issued by the EBC, it also advised the electorate that Phillip Edward Alexander is a candidate for the electoral district of Diego Martin North/East.

    The EBC stated that it was made aware of a publication bearing the EBC’s logo which went viral on social media last evening stating that Alexander was no longer a candidate.

    It assures that Mr. Alexander is on the ballot.