Dr. Keith Rowley retains PNM Leadership

    (File photo via Dr Keith Rowley on Facebook)

    Dr. Keith Rowley remains political leader of the PNM, following a landslide victory in the party’s recently held internal election.

    According to the results presented a short while ago, Dr Rowley announced as the winner, after amassing 8,424 votes.

    According to the party, this was 92% of the votes cast.

    Karen Nunez Tesheira received 345 votes (4%), Junior Barrack received 99 votes (1%) and Ronald Boynes got 243 votes (3%).

    Meanwhile, Stuart Young was elected Chairman, Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly is Vice Chairman, Patricia Alexis was named as Assistant General Secretary and Kazim Hosein was elected Treasurer.

    Four positions were also unopposed:

    • Camille Robinson-Regis – Lady Vice Chair
    • Foster Cummings – General Secretary
    • Faris Al Rawi – Public Relations Officer
    • Jeniece Scott – Youth Officer


    See the full results:

    • Political Leader – Dr Keith Rowley
    • Chairman – Stuart Young
    • Vice Chairman – Nyan Gadsby-Dolly
    • Lady Vice Chairman – Camille Robinson-Regis
    • General Secretary – Foster Cummings
    • Assistant General Secretary – Patricia Alexis
    • Treasurer – Kazim Hosein
    • Education Officer – Laura Lezama-Lee Sing
    • Public Relations Officer – Faris Al-Rawi
    • Social Media Officer – Kwasi Robinson
    • Elections Officer – Indar Parasram
    • Labour Relations Officer – Jennifer Baptiste-Primus
    • Field Officer – Terrance Beepath
    • Welfare Officer – Maxine Richards
    • Youth Officer – Jeniece Scott
    • Operations Officer – Irene Hinds