Dome building continues at St Vincent’s La Soufrière


    Materials and magma continue to ooze to the surface of St Vincent’s La Soufrière volcano, but without associated seismic activity.

    This update comes from the country’s National Emergency Management Organization, which says monitoring is continuing with aerial surveillance by the Soufrière Monitoring Unit.

    It says while there have been no significant changes over the last day, the dome is slightly larger than on December 29th, due to the oozing of magma.

    The Alert Level remains at Orange and residents living in communities closer to the volcano are asked to be on the alert for any increased activities.

    Another call has also been made for persons to desist from visiting the volcano at this time of heightened activity.

    A group of scientists from UWI’s Seismic Research Centre in Trinidad are due to arrive in the country today to install instruments to assist with the monitoring mechanism system.