Dietitian: No one food, supplement or herb for COVID-19 prevention; “eat the rainbow”


    A registered dietitian is warning that there is no one food, supplement or herb that can cure or prevent COVID-19.

    At this morning’s Health Ministry media briefing was Mrs Kyrie-Aarti Homer-Khemraj who is based in the South West Regional Health Authority.

    She says persons should follow a healthy, balanced diet, rather than relying on an alternative method of boosting their immune systems.

    Mrs Homer-Khemraj also says that persons should reduce their intake of fats, sugar, salt and processed foods.

    She notes that staying hydrated with around 2-2 ½ liters of water for most adults living in the Caribbean will also help with immune health.

    Persons are being urged to consult with a dietitian before jumping into a new diet.