Deyalsingh: CARPHA and T&T to pay for first tranche of vaccines approved through COVAX


    A first tranche of 100,800 COVID-19 vaccines has been approved through the COVAX facility at a cost of US$504,000 which will be paid by a CARPHA contribution and taxpayer dollars.

    This is according to Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh who, at this morning’s COVID-19 media briefing, announced that this batch of vaccines is expected arrive in T&T by the end of March.

    He said an indemnity agreement has been signed with AstraZeneca and national regulatory approval has been executed by the Chemistry Food and Drugs Division.

    Mr Deyalsingh noted that the cost of the vaccines includes the shots themselves, shipping, insurance and associated costs.

    Mr Deyalsingh said these vaccines will be used for phase one of the distribution process targeting high risk, high exposure individuals including approximately 4,000 frontline healthcare workers, other workers in that sector and persons over 60 in Non-Communicable Diseases clinics.

    Meanwhile, he said by the end of today, half of the 2,000 vaccines received from Barbados, would have been given to frontline health workers.

    Mr Deyalsingh warned that even though T&T’s average is around five cases per day, COVID-19 has not disappeared the country, as over 500 cases have already been recorded for 2021.

    In addition to COVAX facility, T&T has been exploring other vaccine options.