Curepe residents to be “put out of possession” of properties to make way for Interchange

    A map of Curepe Interchange layout via Ministry of Works

    Five Curepe residents will be “put out of possession” of their properties as they have not come to an agreement with the State for its acquisition.

    The persons own structures on land needed by Government to build the Curepe Interchange which was approved in 2011.

    Director of the Legal Services Division of the Works Ministry, Marvin Gonsalves, says all attempts to come to agreements with the residents for the property have been unsuccessful, leading to costly delays in construction.

    With three months left to acquire the needed land, he says the next step is the serving of warrants to the residents.

    Mr Gonsalves says these five residents may have also lost rights to land put aside in Caroni to help them transition to a new property.

    Mr Gonsalves says the Ministry will not be “held ransom” especially with all the positives the he believes the interchange will bring.

    These he says include relief to thousands of motorists and major activity in an “otherwise sluggish construction sector”.

    The $513.59m project is anticipated to ease the flow of traffic on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway between the Southern Main Road and the Uriah Butler Highway.