COVID patients in home isolation urged to wear a mask to protect others


    COVID positive persons in home isolation should wear a mask as much as possible in order to protect others within their household.

    This advice comes from Dr. Jeanine St. Bernard during today’s Health Ministry briefing.

    Other pieces of advice include not sharing a bed with a COVID positive person, not sharing cutlery and drinking vessels, restricting their movement in the home as much as possible and restricting contact with other family members.

    There should be no visitors to the home during this time

    Should there be a need for items to be dropped off, Dr St Bernard recommends that it be left at the gate or front of the home for someone within the household to collect.

    Also, if possible, an ill person should not share a bathroom with others.

    If this is not possible, persons are advised to sanitize frequently by cleaning the flushing handle and putting down the seat cover before flushing.

    Tissues and other waste produced by a sick person should be put into a strong bag and disposed of properly.

    Dr St Bernard emphasized that restricting the spread of the virus within a household will prevent that same household from having to undergo multiple stay at home episodes.

    She also emphasizes that taking the precautions should not be seen as “scorning”, since COVID-19 is an infectious disease that needs to be taken seriously.

    According to the latest Health Ministry briefing, 8,330 COVID positive persons are in home self-isolation.

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