COVID-19 vaccine roll out to be restarted

    (Stock Image: torstensimon from Pixabay)

    Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh will announce the details of the continuation of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout on Saturday.

    Previously, the Ministry said the rollout will be temporarily halted, with the remaining vaccines to be kept as a second dose for those who have already received a shot.

    Yesterday however, the Prime Minister announced that those second doses will be placed on hold.

    Instead, he said the remaining vials will now be used to give a number of other persons their first dose.

    Dr Rowley says this decision was taken in anticipation of the arrival of a second tranche of vaccines from the COVAX Facility.

    He warns however that while some documentation has been received, there are complications.

    Regardless, Dr Rowley believes one dose is better than no dose.