COVID-19 persons in crowded homes can access State facilities for recovery

    (Image via CDC)

    Any COVID-19 positive person who is unable to properly self isolate at home due to space issues will be able to use State facilities as they recover.

    This announcement follows a policy change this week, in which persons with less serious symptoms are being asked to stay at home, allowing hospital bed-space to be reserved for those with moderate to serious symptoms.

    During a media conference today, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said Government was aware of the fact that some persons may live in spaces with a single bathroom, or more than one person to a bedroom.

    Such factors, he adds, make self isolation much more difficult.

    As a result, he says COVID positive persons with such concerns can voluntarily request the use of State facilities for their recovery.

    The home recovery policy though being applied in Trinidad alone at this time.

    According to Mr Deyalsingh, it is not being enforced in Tobago due to the low number of cases there.

    The policy change was announced earlier this week, as hospitals neared the 75% capacity which the Government considered a threshold, at which point measures would need to be taken.

    Minister Deyalsingh told reporters today that the Caura and Couva hospitals were at approximately 63% prior to the change, and he says if the measures had not been put in place, the capacity would have easily reached 75%.