Couva North MP calls for Praedial Larceny Squad to be “fixed”


    Couva North MP, Ravi Ratiram, is calling on the Government to fix the Praedial Larceny Squad.

    Mr Ratiram says the issue has been a pressing one for him since he became MP in 2020, with the Squad being understaffed, underfunded and consequently “outmaneuvered by the criminal element”.

    He pointed to a recent incident in which members of the PLS threatened work stoppage action and issued a press release that spoke to a looming threat of a judicial review lawsuit.

    Their release also highlighted several issues including: short-term contracts, disparity in salaries & working hours, a lack of communication devices, lack of firearms and a lack of working vehicles.

    Mr Raitram is now calling on new Agriculture Minister, Kazim Hosein, to strengthen the PLS in a bid to protect farmers.