Couva man in jail for larceny totalling $82,300

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    A Couva man was denied bail when he appeared before a San Fernando Magistrate this week, charged with four counts of larceny totalling $82,300.

    57 year old Tajmool Mohammed of Santa Clara Road, Preysal, Couva, was charged with larceny in the sums of $16,000, $13,300, $13,000 and $40,000.

    Bail was denied since the accused was out on bail for similar offences.

    Three victims reported to police, that between the period 2016 to 2019, the accused led them to believe that he was a licensing officer who could get them repossessed vehicles at a reduced cost.

    The fourth victim claimed the accused presented himself as a bailiff and was in a position to deliver a motor vehicle by a certain date.

    The victims gave the accused sums totalling $82,300, but when he failed to deliver the vehicles as promised, they discovered he was not in a position to do same.

    Attempts by the victims to have their monies refunded proved futile.

    Reports were made to the Fraud Squad Office and an investigation launched into the incidents.

    Mohammed was arrested during an anti-crime exercise coordinated by Snr. Supt. Groome and supervised by ASP Gibbs, in the Central Division, on Tuesday 12th January, 2021.