Court orders Labour Ministry to reinstate worker complaint


    The Sanctuary Workers Union has won a legal case against the Labour Ministry over the use of a wrong letterhead.

    Last year the Union, led by former Minister Devant Maharaj, re­port­ed the wrong­ful dis­missal of a bank worker.

    According to reports, a Cer­tifi­cate of Un­re­solved Dis­pute was issued, which would have allowed the claim against the worker’s for­mer em­ploy­er to be listed in the In­dus­tri­al Court.

    That certificate ­however was then rescinded, since the matter was recorded on a document with the letter­head “Sanctuary Trade Union” instead of its registered name, which is “Sanctuary Workers Union”.

    In delivering the judgement, High Court Justice Frank Seepersad or­dered the Ministry to re­in­state the complaint.

    The ruling has been welcomed by Mr Maharaj, who believes the case reflects negatively on Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus, and questioned her suitability for the job.