Councillor upset over lack of funds to finish Reform Hindu School


    Reform/Manahambre Councillor Chris Hosein is accusing the Government of leaving the Reform Hindu School out of the 2021 Development Programme.

    According to Councillor Hosein, no funds were allocated under the Draft Estimates of Expenditure for the 2021 Budget, to allow for completion of the school.

    He claims the last time the School appeared in any budget documents was the 2017 Draft Estimates of Expenditure, where two million dollars was allocated but not used.

    He is now calling on the Education Minister to explain why the school remains incomplete.

    Dozens of protests have been held over the years, with parents and students calling for construction to be finished.

    According to the Councillor, the structure was approximately 95% complete in 2015 and is now falling into disrepair.