Councillor upset as freshly paved road is dug up

    (Photo via Councillor Chris Hosein)

    Reform/Manahambre Councillor Chris Hosein is calling for better planning and coordination between WASA and the Works Ministry.

    This follows what he says was the digging up of a recently paved road.

    According to Mr Hosein, a section of the GuaracaraTabaquite roadway was paved after persistent representation to the Ministry.

    He claims however that less than 48 hours later, WASA was on site to dig up the freshly paved roadway to repair a faulty pipeline.

    Mr Hosein says WASA was asked to visit the area before the paving to ensure everything was okay with their pipelines, but did not do so.

    One solution suggested by the councillor is an effective Municipal Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee within each municipality with representatives of the various state agencies.

    These members would be mandated to attend and cooperate so that at any given time, all agencies are in sync and aware of scheduled work and the timeframes in which they are to be completed.