Councillor resigns from committee following misbehaviour charge


    Councillor Anil Maharaj has resigned as Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, after being charged with one count of misbehaviour in public office.

    This has been confirmed by the UNC in a media release sent this morning following calls by PNM councillors for him to step down

    The Cumuto/Tamana councillor was arrested and charged following investigations into allegations that between January 1st and June 30th 2021, he demanded $15,000 from a contractor.

    The party says Mr Maharaj intends to defend himself and “vindicate his name and reputation”, however he has resigned in a bid to preserve public confidence in the committee.

    Councillor Maharaj announced his decision to the corporation at its monthly Finance Meeting.

    The UNC assures that he remains committed to the burgesses and the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.

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