Councillor pledges stipend to COVID-19 relief

    (Photo: Councillor Chris Hosein/Sethography)

    Reform/Manahambre Councillor Chris Hosein has pledged his full stipend for the month of May towards COVID-19 relief efforts within his electoral district.

    In a release, Mr Hosein says Local Government Councillors do not have a great deal of resources at their disposal to meet the growing demands of those affected by the restrictions.

    He adds “So many people are affected and every day my phone rings non-stop, people are calling, messaging and reaching out to seek assistance. Many families do not know where their next meal is coming from as a result of job loss and the economic impact of COVID-19. I cannot in good conscience allow that to happen.”

    The Councillor also called on Government to do more to assist vulnerable persons, adding that if funding is the issue, they should take a pay-cut and donate their salaries to relief efforts as well.

    He lamented as well that most of the businesses and private citizens who would usually help with this type of relief are themselves feeling the pinch and are not able to assist as they would like to.

    Those who can afford it however, are being encouraged to contribute.