Council of Evangelical Churches opposed to condoms for children


    Should condoms be distributed to youngsters?

    This and the matter of sex education in schools was raised recently by a counselor at the Family Planning Association, after the circulation of a video showing a woman having unprotected sex with different men.

    The counselor is quoted by Loop as saying: “The idea of distributing condoms to children is frowned upon and is not permitted, but some children are having sex anyway.”

    The T&T Council of Evangelical Churches is however opposed to the idea, saying there is no reason to involve school children in this discussion.

    The Council says the video shows adults not children, and so, does not lend support to the view that Comprehensive Sex Education and condom distribution are needed in schools.

    Instead, it believes the video highlights sexual immorality as a grave problem for T&T, and the need to re-educate the population on the sanctity of sex.