Continued water restrictions as dams remain low


    Reservoir levels remain low and water restrictions remain in place.

    WASA today released its latest stats regarding levels at all four dams, three of which remain considerably low for this time of year:

    • Arena: 52.01%, LTA – 80.89%
    • Navet: 36.42%, LTA – 80.30%
    • Hollis: 44.75%, LTA – 78.71%
    • Hillsborough: 100%, LTA – 92.75%

    In light of this, WASA says persons in parts of Arima (served by the Hollis WTP), as well as parts of Tableland, New Grant, Princes Town and Mayaro (served by the Navet WTP) will continue to experience a reduced regularity of pipe-borne water.

    Also in recent days, persons North, Central and South West Trinidad, may have experienced some irregularity in their supply as production at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant was affected by reduced water availability.

    WASA says adjustments have been made and operation have since normalized at the facility.

    It is however monitoring distribution schedules and making minor adjustments where possible, and working to provide a supplemental truck borne water supply to customers in affected areas.

    WASA says the recovery of Trinidad’s reservoirs after the harsh Dry Season, continues to be negatively impacted by below average rainfall throughout this Wet Season.

    For October 2019, deficits in rainfall levels were:

    • Navet – 32.6%
    • Hollis – 26%
    • Arena – 8%
    • Hillsborough – 5.8%

    It also gave statistics for the cumulative shortfalls in rainfall at each reservoir over the period January to October 2019:

    • Hollis – 297mm 
    • Navet – 294mm
    • Arena – 120mm  
    • Hillsborough – 168mm