Consumers told to pay attention to market produce


    Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat is asking citizens to pay attention to the produce they are buying.

    This word of caution comes as he went through some flood-affected fields in Mount Lambert earlier today and pointed to a high risk of persons stealing produce from abandoned fields.

    He says even though some goods are unaffected by floods, consumers should be vigilant and pay particular attention to lettuce, cauliflower, melongene and celery.

    Reminding about the Health Ministry’s food safety guidelines, Mr Rambharat say persons should follow these rules when buying, handling and storing.

    He says when buying cabbage, vendors should be asked to cut through it to see if there are signs of brown water, softness at the base and other signs of flood damage.

    If purchasing sweet peppers, the Minister says these would have soft spots and not be as firm to the touch. 

    Mr Rambharat says consumers must ensure that all fruit and vegetables are sanitized, particularly those being consumed uncooked.