Commissioner: TTPS seeking legal advice on Hackshaw; there’s a “conundrum”

    (File photo)

    The Police Commissioner says he will act on the Irwin Hackshaw matter but notes he is faced with a conundrum in moving forward.

    In response to the Police Complaint Authority’s call for him to move swiftly with disciplinary proceedings on the matter involving ACP Hackshaw and allegations of unusual financial transactions, Mr Griffith says he considers the PCA’s recommendations to be reasonable.

    However, he notes that, under the Police Service Regulations, a disciplinary hearing must be conducted by an officer senior in rank to the officer before the tribunal.

    He says the matter is further complicated as all officers either at Mr Hackshaw’s rank or higher are witnesses.

    Mr Griffith assures that the TTPS is continuing to seek Senior Counsel advice on how and if it can proceed.