CMO: Recent cases may have contacted persons that crossed border

    (File photo credit: Office of the Prime Minister)

    The Chief Medical Officer says a person or persons who have been recently infected may have had contact with people that recently crossed our borders.

    Dr. Roshan Parasram says the Ministry of Health now has reason to believe this, as it has been conducting contact tracing for the local cases that have popped up since July 20th.

    He says with the detection of local cases, it is likely to be the start of a new phase of COVID-19 infections in T&T.

    Dr. Parasram says the move now is to find those persons to limit the possible spread of the virus.

    Dr. Parasram says the Ministry’s main goal at this time is to limit the spread of the disease through rapid contact tracing, quarantining and testing of all affected individuals.

    Meanwhile Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says some persons are being rude and hostile to health officials undertaking contact tracing.

    Speaking during the health briefing today, Mr Deyalsingh says while some of the questions are personal, they are only being asked in order to address a major health issue.

    He also claimed that some persons have been withholding information.