CMO: P1 variant “seemingly” the dominant COVID-19 strain in T&T

    (Image via CDC)

    The P1 COVID-19 variant is now seemingly the major circulating strain in Trinidad and Tobago.

    This was confirmed today by Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram and Virologist Professor Christine Carrington.

    According to Professor Carrington, while the sampling for genome sequencing to test for the variants is not random, a reasonable assumption can be made when looking at the data.

    The P1 lineage is represented in yellow. These are the results of samples sequenced by week and is referred to by Professor Carrington the audio clip above.

    Professor Carrington also emphasized that vaccines are “extremely effective”, even against P1 and other variants.

    P1, known now as Variant Gamma, was first detected in persons travelling from Brazil in January 2021.