CMO: Omicron should not be categorized as “mild”


    While the Omicron Variant does appear to be less severe compared to the Delta Variant, it should not be categorized as “mild”.

    This is according to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Roshan Parasram, who says some persons contracting Omicron have been hospitalized or even died.

    He also warned that since it is more transmissible, sudden large numbers of cases have been overwhelming health systems around the world.

    Also speaking on the Omicron Variant was Dr. Joanne Paul, Senior Paediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist at the NCRHA, who outlined some of the major symptoms being observed.

    Dr. Paul also noted an increase in local paediatric cases.

    Dr. Paul says risk factors for children include obesity and sickle cell, aside from cardiac elements and syndromes.

    She adds that five children are currently warded with MIS-C: four are at the Arima Hospital and one is at the Caura facility.

    Their ages range from less than six months, to 15 years old.

    Dr, Paul says three are critically ill while two are moderately ill.