CMO keeping an eye on China ice cream COVID contamination

    CMO Dr. Roshan Parasram

    Samples of ice cream in China tested positive for COVID-19, however CMO Dr. Roshan Parasram says this does not mean the virus can be transmitted or infective at that point.

    The CMO today responded to concern about international media reports which state that more than 4,800 boxes of ice cream have been contaminated with COVID in the Tianjin municipality of China.

    This has reportedly left health authorities there scrambling to trace people at risk of infection.

    Dr. Parasram says there has been no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted via foods.

    Dr. Parasram says though they are keeping an eye on that particular finding involving the ice cream to see what the research says and determine whether there needs to be change to any public health measures.

    The CMO gave the assurance though that T&T has a proper food programme through the public health inspectorate, and “it goes back to basic food principles of preparing food properly, serving it properly, hand washing, sanitizing of surfaces, continuing the public health measures to ensure a decreased risk of infection”.