Closure of Asa Wright eco-lodge “inevitable”

    (Photo via Asa Wright Nature Centre)

    The closure of the eco-lodge at the Asa Wright Nature Centre was inevitable, according to Board Chairperson, Professor Judith Gobin.

    In a statement, she says there had been financial challenges because of no visitors, no revenue, no endowment, and no direct governmental assistance.

    She adds that while every effort was made to ensure the staff was employed from March to December 2020, with 2021 came the realization that they could not afford to sustain it.

    According to Professor Gobin, all staff members associated with the business will be released.

    She emphasizes however that the conservation and protection work of the Trust continues and is heartened by the response to its call for funding for this work – which was first made in October 2020.

    The Asa Wright Nature Centre is a Conservation Land Trust, comprising approximately 1,500 acres of mainly forested land in the Arima, Guanapo and Aripo Valleys of the Northern Range.

    The eco-lodge is located on a former cocoa-coffee-citrus plantation in the Arima valley and has been offering accommodation in cottages since 1967.

    It was considered one of the top eco-lodges in the world and was recognized in the New York Times Bestseller book by Patricia Shulz 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.