Citizens again reminded about littering during street parties


    Citizens are being told to be more aware of littering in their surroundings, and the impacts it can have on street flooding.

    The Local Government Ministry sounded the alarm after Port of Spain Corporation officials had to undergo a major clean up exercise in the city on Sunday, following Independence celebrations the night before.

    Many streets were littered with bottles, plastic and Styrofoam packages and so much more, as partygoers dumped their waste on the floor.

    The Ministry says the garbage bins provided along the street are not capable of containing all trash that comes from street celebrations.

    Therefore, it has called on event organizers to provide more options for garbage disposal during events, as well as to help clear litter after events.

    “Assistance with clean-up after events will also go a long way in ensuring’ that our nation’s streets are kept clean and that we can continue to host the best parties in the world.”