Christopher Boodram appears before Paria Commission of Enquiry


    The lone survivor of the Paria pipeline tragedy, Christopher Boodram, has given evidence to the Commission of Enquiry.

    He first recalled the incident in February this year which claimed the lives of his colleagues Kazim Ali Jr, Yusuf Henry, Fyzal Kurban and Rishi Nagassar after they were sucked into the pipeline while conducting maintenance.

    He said their day started with a briefing on the work to be done.

    Mr Boodram explained that the carber test that was supposed to be done was bypassed after an issue arose.

    He then recalled the events which saw him and his colleagues sucked into the pipeline.

    Mr Boodram then told the Commission about the time he spent in the pipeline with his colleagues and their discussion on the right way out.

    He said he managed to swim out the pipeline, despite being injured, and having made up his mind to die, and was eventually rescued.

    Boodram then addressed an allegation that, during his subsequent stay in hospital, he told Paria officials via a phone call that his colleagues still in the pipeline were already dead.

    Mr Boodram was also questioned by the Commission’s Counsel, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj about the possibility of a rescue mission on the day he got out of the pipeline.

    Mr Boodram also insisted that if officials had asked for a debriefing just after he was rescued, they would have gotten all the information he had out of him to assist with a rescue mission.

    He also reminded the Commission that he told first responders that Fyzal Kurban was just behind him in the pipeline and urged them to dive in to save him.

    The CoE will not sit tomorrow, according to Chairman Lynch, and will resume proceedings on Thursday.