Children with special needs to receive Special Disability Grant


    Children with disabilities will now be able to access the Disability Assistance Grant which was announced following the budget for fiscal 2019.

    The grant makes provisions to allow children with a disability to access a fixed monthly rate of $1500 after the child has been assessed as either severe or completely disabled.

    This assessment or certification can come from a paediatrician or other medical practitioner authorized by the Chief Medical Officer, or from a paediatric specialist registered with the Medical Board of T&T.

    The Ministry says it is currently in the process of sensitizing key stakeholders of the application process.

    It adds that sessions have already taken place with Doctors and Medical Social Workers, as well as NGOs and promises that other sessions will be held to ensure all key stakeholders are familiar with the new grant.

    However, the Ministry says that where a monthly income exceeding $1,500 is paid for a similar benefit on behalf of the child, such cases will not be eligible to receive the grant for children.