Chamber voices concerns about new restrictions


    The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce is calling on the government to re-consider its position on food and beverage take way and delivery services.

    Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced a host of new restrictions, including the complete temporary closure of all restaurants.

    In a release, the Chamber expressed its belief that the majority of existing measures were already in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, and what is needed is robust enforcement of those.

    It adds that many private sector organizations have implemented the required safety measures to keep their staff and customers safe.

    It is now concerned that the additional restrictions will hurt compliant businesses, while lack of enforcement with non-compliant businesses and individuals continue to put citizens at risk.

    Also, it says while it understands the need for stricter enforcement on private group gatherings, it is concerned about the extent to which such protocols may be implemented, as it may encroach on the privacy and constitutional rights of citizens.

    The Chamber also reiterated a call for the government to reconsider providing financial support to the businesses which have been affected, and has suggested options such as the deferral of tax and VAT payments or the expediting of refunds due.

    It says it is also looking forward to stricter controls of “porous borders” which it says “appear to be contributing to the increase in cases”.