Chamber concerned about businesses that remain closed


    The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce says it is disappointed that its recommendations were not accepted by the Government, regarding the reopening of businesses.

    The Chamber would have submitted detailed protocols by various sectors including bars, events and food & beverage, to the Ministry of Health detailing how they were going to reopen and ensure the safety of customers, staff and others.

    The Prime Minister on Saturday announced the reopening of several sectors including cinemas, casinos, members clubs, gyms and places of worship with limited capacity and service.

    However, bars and restaurants remain without in-house dining, and the Chamber says it is concerned about the minimal positive impact this will have on the economy.

    It adds that the Government should target the appropriate fiscal support for tax compliant businesses due to the debilitating impact this is having on them.

    The Chamber says the impact is not just on these businesses that remain partially or fully closed, but the ripple effect it can have across our economy from landlords, banks, suppliers, employees, crime, mental health and domestic violence.