Chaguanas municipal police get three new vehicles


    Two Toyota Hilux pickups and a Nissan 15-seater van have been added to the Chaguanas Municipal Police’s fleet to ramp up patrols.

    This is according to Mayor Faaiq Mohammed who acknowledges that there was a spike in criminal activity earlier this month, particularly in Felicity and environs.

    He believes the new vehicles will ensure more patrols and safeguarding of the borough’s public spaces.

    Mayor Mohammed notes that their municipal police previously had no vehicles of its own and calls this purchase “an investment”.

    Turning to manpower, he says there are currently 30 officers – far from the 100 that were promised in 2016.

    He is referring to government’s approval of the creation of 1107 additional municipal police positions.

    Those positions were created so that each corporation could have a complement of 100 officers.