Centenarian credits prayer: “I pray four times a day”


    A woman who celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday credits prayer as one factor in her longevity.

    Ms Michaelen Squires says she prays four times a day.

    During a visit by Social Development Minister Donna Cox, the centenarian said she sold doubles, pholourie, amchar and kurma for six years to help build her home in Marabella.

    She learned to make these and other dishes from a close friend.

    Following the conversation, Ms. Squires was given a certificate of Honour and Achievement, a birthday cake and a food hamper.

    She was honoured as part of the National Centenarian Programme.

    Persons can register for the programme via the Ministry’s website (social.gov.tt).

    There persons can complete the online form or print a downloadable form and drop it off at the nearest Social Welfare Office or emailed to the Division of Ageing at opic@social.gov.tt.