Caribbean News Roundup – Oct 1st


    Small businesses in Barbados are being encouraged to retrofit their operations for renewable energy.

    This comes as President of the Small Business Association, Wayne Willock also urged providers to help facilitate the process.

    He also encouraged small businesses to focus on digital and technological solutions to better facilitate commercial transactions and business interactions with Government.

    As the Government of Barbados continues its digital transformation of the public service, Prime Minister Mia Mottley is urging the private sector to do the same.

    At the same time however, she is cautioning Barbadians not to get lost in the process.


    CONCACAF has decided to withdraw Haiti from the first phase of FIFA’s Group C Women’s Football 2020 qualifying.

    Reports indicate that this decision was taken as the country could not guarantee the safety of teams given the crisis situation and not being able to receive foreign delegations at this time.

    The new host of the Group C matches is Puerto Rico.

    An additional 1,500 soldiers has been deployed to the Dominican border due to riots and violent anti-government protests in

    On Friday on the sidelines of an inspection tour at the Dominican border, Major General Estanislao Gonell Regalado said that because of riots and violent anti-government protests in Haiti, the Dominican Minister of Defense Lieutenant General Rubén Paulino Sem had ordered to reinforce the border and to send 1,500 military in reinforcements, bringing to 10,000 men the number deployed in order to be ready to face any situation.

    Gonell Regalado recalled that the Dominican authorities had limited the access of Dominican service stations to Haitians, who come in large numbers to make fuel reserves to supply the black market in Haiti