Caribbean News – November 21st 2019


    The Jamaican government says the export of mangoes to the United States earlier this year was a success for registered farmers.

    Mangoes exported this year were the first to the US in 20 years.

    It says, many farmers who had given up on their orchards, are now looking to put them back into production are now looking for certification to grow mangoes for export by next year.

    At present,  there are about six or seven farmers  in Jamaica who are certified to export their mangoes.

    The Agriculture Ministry is encouraged farmers with an interest to export the fruit to contact the Rural Agricultural Development Authority.


    THE Guyana Defence Force  is set to benefit from five high tech, long endurance drones.

    These devices will significantly enhance the security of the country’s borders, maritime space and coastland.

    The drones can fly for about five hours without pay load and has the ability to manoeuvre small spaces, hover, and track targets.

    They boast collision-avoidance technology and high quality cameras that use using infrared technology in the nights.

    In addition to security, they can also assist in search and rescue operations by identifying objects and persons in water.


    The two top members of Guyana’s Alliance for Change have vowed to stay with the coalition.

    They are stressing that one-party government is not good for the country.

    There has been disagreement over aspects of the ongoing negotiations between the APNU and the AFC.


    Barbados’ Cabinet is looking to expand the categories of people who can become citizens in a bid to help economic growth.

    Other major concerns that have led to this decision is a declining population and a growing elderly group that imperils National Insurance Scheme funds.