CAPE and CSEC performances in T&T – 2021



    A total of 8 406 candidates (3 346 males and 5 060 females) registered for CAPE Unit I and Unit II Examinations in 2021, which represents a decrease in the number of students as compared to the 2020 CAPE registration numbers of 8 497 candidates (3 439 males and 5 058 females).

    The number of subject entries for CAPE 2021 was 35 801 as compared to 37 227 subject entries for 2020; and while for 2021, the number of subject entries attempted, that is, the examinations written, was 92%, for 2020 it was higher at 96%.

    Nationally, though overall performance in the CAPE continues to be quite good, slight decreases in performance were observed in 2021 compared to 2020. In 2021, 93.93% of written CAPE subject entries achieved Grades I-V compared to 95.20% in 2020. 72.84% of subject entries attained Grades I, II and III in 2021; a reduction from 76.07% in 2020.

    In CAPE Unit 1, 93.91% of written CAPE Unit I subject entries achieved acceptable passes i.e. Grades I-V, with twenty-four (24) out of thirty-two (32) subjects attaining a pass rate of 90% and above. In 2020, 76.00% entries achieved Grades I, II and III as compared to the 2021 figures of 72.12%; with four subjects attaining rates of 100%. These subjects were Information Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain Operations, Spanish and Tourism.

    With respect to CAPE Unit II student performance, 93.97% of written CAPE Unit II subject entries achieved acceptable passes i.e. Grades I-V as compared to 2020 with 94.13%. 74.05% of the subject entries written achieved Grades I, II and III, a decrease from 76.20% in 2020; with Food & Nutrition, Logistics and Supply Chain Operations and the Performing Arts (Music) attaining rates of 100%.



    In 2021, there were 23 009 candidates registered for the Caribbean Secondary Examinations Certificate (CSEC). 54.84% were females and 45.16% were males. Of those registered in 2021, 17 979 candidates wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination in thirty-three (33) subjects.

    Overall, there were 104 688 subject entries which represents a decrease as compared to the 2020 figure of 114 642 subject entries. Passing grades (Grades I, II & III) were obtained in 65.2% of the subject entries which is a decrease from 2020 when 70.4% of the subject entries achieved passing grades.

    As it relates to Government, Government-Assisted and all Private Schools, 54.1% of the students were successful in 5 or more subjects, which is a reduction from the 61.58%. Further to this, 46.5% of the students who attempted five or more subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English A were successful compared to 55% of the students in 2020.

    When analyzed by gender, overall, in 2021 passing grades were obtained in 68.97% of the subject entries written by females as compared to 2020, where females achieved passing grades in 73.24% of the subject entries written. There was also a decrease in the percentage of passing grades by males in 2021 – 60.83% of subject entries – when compared to the 2020 figures of 67.11%.

    The Ministry thanks all stakeholders in education whose continued dedication and cooperation allowed our students to complete their examinations during the pandemic of 2021. As we embark on the transition back to the physical classroom, it is with boundless faith in our destiny, and in the resilience of our children, the future of Trinidad and Tobago.