Call for the Regiment to protect the Wildfowl Trust


    The National Trust of T&T is calling for the deployment of the Regiment to protect the Pointe-a-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust.

    This follows an incident over the weekend, in which several endangered birds were stolen, including macaws and certain duck species.

    An incubator containing a number of eggs was also taken, and there was damage to the property.

    The Trust reminds that the site is a protected Property of Interest and an invaluable part of the country’s natural heritage.

    It is also uniquely situated within the compound of an oil refinery and is the second oldest wild fowl trust in the world.

    The National Trust says the Regiment should be dispatched to protect not just the Wildfowl Trust, but also other important installations on the compound, which are at severe risk as well.

    It is also calling for anyone with knowledge of the perpetrators or buyers to provide information to the police, any conservationist organisation, and/or the media.